100% of Profits are joyfully donated to Local and Global Charities 

Our specialty coffee is from all over the world, below is just a sampling of what we have to offer:
Central and South America:


Costa Rica
Guatemala Huehuetenango
Nicaragua  Selva Negra
Mexico: Custapec 


Sumatra: Mandeling


Ethiopia: Yirgacheffe
Tanzania: Peaberry

In addition to our single origin coffee we have a few blends to choose from.

Buckeye Blend

Serengeti - Blend of African coffee

Remember - a Medium dark roast with bold acidity and buttery finish.

For more information on the coffee
We Serve. Coffee provides, please call us directly at 567-525-4680

​We Serve is currently reworking our menu!  We are introducing some new features and ideas over the upcoming weeks.  The rework has taken price into consideration.  As a result we have already lowered prices of a number of food items.  

Our Coffee


​A new phase of our business is:

Premium coffee!!

​We are now able to acquire rare and high quality coffee.  

​We are excited to offer for French press or Pour over our newest additions.  

​Jamaican Blue Mountain


Kona Estate

​These coffee choices come at a premium price, but are well worth it. 

​Please ask your Barista about these choices or another that we may have in stock.